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    Cover your glass with an AMI policy starting from $16/month.

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    When glass damage occurs, take your vehicle to a preferred glass shop.

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    The glass shop repairs or replaces your damaged glass. The deductible is only $25 for repairs (up to three at one time) or $50 for replacement.

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQs below.

Why do I need AMI if I already have a regular auto policy?
With your regular auto policy, it’s likely your glass isn’t covered. If you only have liability insurance, your glass isn’t covered. If you have collision or comprehensive, you likely agreed to no “Windshield Coverage” to save on the premium. However, by agreeing to this, you have left your glass uncovered and will have to pay the full cost to repair or replace it. If you’re not sure what your current auto policy does or doesn’t cover, contact us and we can review and help explain your policy to you.
Do I need to pass a glass inspection to receive coverage?
Yes. But we have made it really easy for you. All you need to do is take your vehicle into one of our Preferred Service Centres. They’ll take care of the rest for you. We have dozens of centres across Alberta, so chances are there’s one nearby.
Do I have to go to a Preferred Service Centre for glass repair or replacement?
No. Your AMI policy will cover glass repairs or replacements at any autoglass service centre but contact AMI prior to take the correct steps necessary. To make your claims as painless as possible, we have established a trusted network of Preferred Service Centres throughout Alberta that will bill us directly, so all you have to pay is the $25 or $50 deductible and you’re on your way.
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