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    Cover your glass with an AMI policy starting from $15/month.

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    When glass damage occurs, take your vehicle to a preferred glass shop.

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    The glass shop repairs or replaces your damaged glass. The deductible is only $25 for repairs (up to
    three at one time) or $50 for replacement.

What’s covered, what’s not?

Click to view the full Policy Wording and Conditions (PDF).
At a glance, here’s what’s what:

Covered Not covered

* Window Glass
(* Windshield, door, quarter, vent, back & roof glass)

Loss – Collision with another object

Loss – Flying Object like a Rock

Loss – Intentional Breakage

Loss – Attempted Theft

Loss – Recalibration

Loss – Vandalism

OEM Replacement Parts

Loss – Extreme Pitting

Side Mirrors

Loss – Hail

Headlights/Tail Lights

Loss – Animal Collision






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