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What's covered, what's not?

Click to view the full Policy Wording and Conditions (PDF). At a glance, here's what's what:

Covered Not covered

Damaged glass from any peril other than by collision with “another object” or upset


Collision with “another object”, deemed to include a vehicle the automobile is attached to or the surface of the ground and any object therein or thereon


Damage caused by gravel, falling objects, fire, theft, attempted theft, windstorm, hail or malicious mischief


Damage to mirrors, lights, after-market tinting, etching, engraving, decals or recalibration

Should you repair or replace?

As our trusted partner, use your best discretion and we will back you.  If the glass can be repaired, repair it.  If the glass can’t be repaired, replace it.

Any questions about anything?

If you have any questions about coverage, damage, reimbursements or anything else, contact us at 1-800-416-4082 or and we’ll help you out.

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