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How affordable is AMI for your customer?


*Quotes are estimates only and may be subject to service fees.

AMI is a separate, standalone policy that covers all the glass on your customer’s vehicle (fills coverage gaps in a 13d limited glass endorsement). Because it’s separate, claims never affect the premium or deductible on the regular auto policy. Essentially, it provides all the glass protection customers want, with none of the drawbacks of regular glass insurance.

Protects against high glass replacement costs.
Most customers don’t realize how valuable a separate glass policy is. Glass prices are continually increasing and it’s easy for a vehicle these days to exceed $6,000 in glass replacement costs. AMI covers all the glass on your customer’s vehicle from just $16/month.
Low deductibles, low premium.
On a regular policy, glass coverage is expendable. The deductible is too high to justify the cost and making a claim isn’t worth the potential premium hike or increase in deductible. That’s what makes AMI different. The deductible is only $25 for glass repairs (or $50 for replacement) and claims never impact premiums.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the coverage, pricing, web portal or anything else, check out our tools & resources page, call us at 1-800-416-4082 or email and we’ll help you out.
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